Our story

We are Casa Rara, a Montréal-based team of veteran game developers and recovering perfectionists. Our team members have had pivotal roles on such celebrated games as Spiritfarer, We Happy Few, Journey to the Savage PlanetPapo & Yo and the Army of Two franchise.

Since 2016 we have developed weird and wonderful VR, AR and game projects alike for happy clients such as the National Film Board of Canada, CBC/Radio-Canada and Urbania. 

Tali Goldstein is our CEO and executive producer. Ruben Farrus is our creative director. Eliott le Calvé is our art director. Our habitual collaborators include Julien and Jérôme Barnoin on programming, Neha Patel on audio, Syd Lazarus on writing and community development and Felix Kramer as our business development counselor. 

Mini Maker: Make a Thing is Casa Rara's first original IP, coming out in 2022.

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